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Posicloud provides you with high server performance, processing power and memory ensuring a fast, stable and flexible service at an unbeatable price.

Posicloud Ltd - Virtual Machines

Posicloud Ltd - Virtual Machines

Flexible and Automated - SSD technology

Posicloud VMs are full KVM virtual machines, emulating real hardware. This increases your flexibility to install your own system the way you like it.

Choose an auto-install template (Ubuntu or Debian) and our systems will automatically set up your server on the fly to your exact specifications (this takes a matter of minutes)

Choose a non-auto install ISO image and follow the install steps through yourself, just like you are in front of the machine yourself through our handy control panel VNC console.

These Posicloud VMs provide the ultimate server dedicated to your needs, and you can upgrade your system at any time with our handy sliders.

Choose a higher starting VM to gain lower upgrade costs, or choose our lowest spec VM for ultra value.

Why not choose to have your Machine fully managed by The Positive Internet Company Ltd. with their legendary VIP support? This option is available with the higher-end VMs