Waiter, there's a fly in my website!

bowl of soupSpy on a superchef as he makes his own dinner. I bet you'll see beans on toast. Maybe even a Pot Noodle. He's spent a day in his professional kitchen, baking, basting, beating, boiling, braising, breading and brining. Come home-time, you can be sure that his own supper won't include the measliest julienne of carrot. There won't be even a thimbleful of jus in sight. Tin open, beans heated, toast buttered. Done.

So it has been with Positive Internet's website. Whilst we were busy helping thousands to maintain some of the hottest online properties, our own company's site got distinctly cold. Occasionally, we'd bung it in the microwave, but it just became limp and tasteless. Every time we thought of rustling up something more appetising, we'd get distracted. Perhaps with folding in some company-wide ISO9001 certification. Maybe we'd rustle up our own green datacentre. Anything but bring our front-page out of the nineties and into the noughties. You might suggest that our website's development had been placed on the backburner. You'd be wrong. It wasn't on any burner at all. It was in the chiller, unloved and ignored.

And so it continued. For months and months, our poor little website sat in the fridge, clingfilm atop, awaiting some spectacular reconstitution. For years, we "meant to do something", but that "something" always got diverted into adding some clever new feature to our clients' systems, installing new resilient clusters and getting to grips with the latest Open Source and Free technologies before anyone else had even heard of them. Our clients enjoyed a smorgasbord of increasingly mouthwatering services. For our own website, we made do with a stale sandwich. If we were going to bust any gut, it was going to be for our customers' web offerings, not our own.

But when even the directors' families started to use profanities to describe our cobweb-site, we knew that leaving it any longer could lead to physical injury from our nearest and dearest. And what about our clients, potential and current, who had become increasingly puzzled that a company so lively and creative could be represented by a site so lumpen and creaky. So we went running, pursued by angry bears, to the lovely people at Losource who, in turn, introduced us to the cuddly magicians at Phenotype. We host Losource and have had a long and productive relationship with them. We knew they were good at whisking together Free Software components into wonderful concoctions. We asked them to cook us up a treat. And, I hope you'll agree, they've done just that. Now that the whole site is run from a Free Software CMS (Content Management System), updating it will no longer be like filleting a trout. We'll keep up to date, and more of our tempting new offerings will appear on the menu as soon as they're ready, rather than appear two years later.

And for pudding: if you're reading this, we've also finally got our own blog. Yes, we've been hosting clients' blogs for longer than perhaps anyone in the UK, so I guess it gives us a kind of perverse pleasure to be the last kids of the block to blog ourselves. We'll post considered articles here about technology and Free and Open Source software. We'll also post about some of the more fascinating nooks and crannies of our services. And this wouldn't be a blog if there weren't also a healthy rant or two in the oven.

So, Chef offers his apologies for the delay. I hope you enjoy our tasty new site. Do keep in touch with our blog. We relish feedback. Fresh pepper?